We conduct our business responsibly and in compliance with the laws and regulations of all the countries where we do business. The company does not tolerate illegal and unethical behaviour. We have established binding company guidelines that require all our managers and employees countrywide to behave ethically and in conformity with the law. These guidelines are the basis of our work and the relationships of our employees with one another as well as with our customers and partners.

Code of Business Ethics

Ellies is committed to the highest standards of social and business practices. The delivery of success to our Holding companies results from the efforts of our people – it is their resourcefulness, professionalism and dedication that gives Ellies its leading edge as one of the Retail and Manufacturing industry. To this end, all directors and employees are expected to observe the highest standards of integrity in the conduct of Ellies’s business.

The Board of Directors has approved a Code of Business Ethics to provide a framework, within which all business practices involving Ellies must be conducted, managed and regulated. This Code of Business Ethics has been compiled in accordance with the common values shared by all involved in the business of Ellies, the general principles of law and internationally accepted ways of doing business ethically. In addition, comprehensive systems of control have been introduced to ensure that in attaining the objectives of Ellies, we behave legally, ethically, appropriately and sustainably.

Health and Safety

Ellies is committed to treating all employees fairly, with respect and dignity and to honour this commitment, Ellies will:

  • Create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace through the design of the work environment, the planning and performance of work, the provision and use of all necessary equipment, tools and procedures, the appropriate training and the constant identification and elimination of risks present in the workplace.
  • Take appropriate measures to ensure that employees refrain from using any drug or alcohol in the work environment which could affect such an employee’s work performance and thereby posing a risk to the health and safety of other employees.

The Workplace

Ellies shall:

  • Reward employees fairly based on their qualifications and performance without discrimination based on age, colour, creed, disability, ethnic origin, gender, marital or family status, religion or sexual orientation.
  • In addition, all promotions and recognition will be based purely on merit.
  • Provide all employees with equal opportunities for training and skills development.
  • Respect the privacy of all employees and safeguard the confidentiality of employee information.
  • Not tolerate behaviour which is the same as to any form of harassment in the workplace and shall foster work environments that are free from harassment, intimidation and hostility of any kind.

The Environment

Ellies acknowledges that its activities have a profound effect on the environment. To manage its obligations, Ellies undertakes to:

  • Understand the environmental impact of our activities and treat it as an integral factor in all decisions.
  • Make the principles of sustainable development a fundamental part of Ellies’s business strategies and day-to-day operations.
  • Implement and maintain comprehensive environmental policies so that our actions are carried out in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Be transparent about and accountable for our environmental performance.
  • Refrain from doing business with third parties who do not conduct their business in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Require all our business partners to have appropriate systems to safely handle hazardous materials.

Adherence to Law

All employees shall act in accordance with the Law of the jurisdictions in which Ellies conducts its business. It is recognised that employees in some countries may be subjected to local pressures to engage in unlawful conduct. However, as representatives of Ellies, employees owe their duties to the to the Company and are reminded that the interests of Ellies Ltd will be best served if such pressures are resisted.

Furthermore, in countries where corporate political contributions are lawful, such contributions may only be made with Board approval and must be accurately and fairly reflected as such in the company’s books, records and accounts.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

In implementing corporate responsibility in Ellies, it is also necessary to obligate suppliers to comply with our principles. Therefore, the Code of Conduct for Ellies’ Suppliers is a mandatory element of all current, new and extended contracts and we expect our suppliers to commit towards our standards and principles in their own company as well as to promote and implement it within their supply chain.